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About Mzuzi

Thank you for Chuzing Mzuzi we are honored to welcome you. We know that you have a choice on where you spend your time and how you spend your money. Mzuzi means innovation in Swahili. Innovation can mean different things to different people, for us it means to change, to alter, to reorganize, to evolve and to transform. At Mzuzi, innovation begins from the inside out, so the gifts that we Chuz to share with you, reflect the wonder, creativity and dreams within each of us.

Our store is not a charity, but we embrace kindness. We don’t take handouts, but we welcome your hand. Every dollar that we earn allows more of us to learn. When you Chuz to shop with Mzuzi, you are not giving back, you are giving forward.
Thank you for innovating with us.

- Team Mzuzi


Best Lotion, Best Kids, Best System in the City of Chicago.

Kelly Williams

Grateful for this program for my children.


Amazing atmosphere with even greater products.

Elijah Ruiz